Fall for reading with beautiful picture books

Believe it or not, September is upon us. This means the weather is cooling down, pumpkins (and pumpkin spice!) are popping up everywhere, leaves are starting to change colours, and school has just begun for many young children entering kindergarten.

Unfortunately, the first days of school can be a daunting prospect for some, especially if they aren't inclined to read and/or find reading particularly challenging.

Niagara Falls Public Library is here to help parents provide their children with the tools they need to tackle the challenges of kindergarten head on. After all, learning to read in kindergarten should be fun, not scary.

To ignite your child's love of reading, I've compiled an autumn-inspired reading list of picture books available at the library.

Full of Fall, by April Pulley Sayre: This beautifully photographed book is perfect as an easy and lyrical read. However, its incredible index also provides a lot of extra interesting information for a more precocious child who wants to learn some basic science behind the magic of the fall season. Ages 3-8.

Bella's Fall Coat, by Lynn Plourde: In this charming little book, Bella discovers that she's just outgrown her favourite fall coat that her grandma made for her. The story teaches children about changes, both in the seasons and in themselves. Ages 5-6.

In the Middle of Fall, by Kevin Henkes: This book by Caldecott Medal author Kevin Henkes introduces young children to the wonders of autumn through beautiful text and bright, colourful images of fun fall phenomena such as falling leaves and busy little squirrels. Ages 3-5.

Wonderfall, by Michael Hall: This unique book describes autumn from a single tree's perspective. Children will love seeing what the tree sees as acorns fall, school buses drive by, and leaves start to change. In addition, Hall begins each section with a combined word (e.g. plentiful + fall = plentiFALL) to challenge young readers a little bit as they try to figure out what two words make the combined word. Ages 4-8.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn, by Kenard Pak: In this lovely book, a little girl takes a walk in the forest and discovers all the wonderful changes happening in nature as summer takes its leave and is slowly replaced by autumn. This book encourages children to get outside and discover the coming fall season for themselves. Ages 4-7.

I hope both you and your children enjoy these books and that they help your child fall for reading. If you want more book recommendations for your little ones, please call the library at 905-356-8080 and someone will be happy to assist you.


Laura Chadwick is the information resources and connections librarian for Niagara Falls Public Library.

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