Two new collections coming to Niagara Falls

On Monday Niagara Falls Public Library will be unveiling two new collections.

These collections are both aimed at children and their inauguration coincides serendipitously with the beginning of March break.

The first is our LaunchPad collection. LaunchPads are durable tablets preloaded with themed content such as videos, games, puzzles and comics for kids aged three to 13. Content themes include math, spelling, princesses and dinosaurs, so your child is sure to find something she or he loves.

The tablets are designed with an easy-to-use interface that is both kid- and adult-friendly. All you have to do to access the content is turn the device on; there's no download time and no need for an internet connection. What's more, LaunchPads are 100 per cent secure. There's no way for your child to download or browse anything other than the preloaded content.
LaunchPad cases come complete with a tablet in a protective rubber case, a charger and a charging cable. The cases will need to be unlocked by a staff member before you can borrow them.

The second collection we're unveiling is our Nature Kits, created by the Nature School and Education Centre. The kits are aimed at children aged four to 10 with parental supervision advised.

Each kit includes tools such as a compass, a magnifying glass, a tarp, a set of coloured pencils and booklets with instructions and activity suggestions, among other things. The Nature Kits come in clear adjustable backpacks so that you can easily take them with you on your next outdoor adventure.

Both the LaunchPads and Nature Kits will be available at each of our four locations across Niagara Falls. You can borrow LaunchPads and Nature Kits on an adult card for three weeks at a time and they can be renewed twice. We also kindly ask that you please do not return the Nature Kits in our drop boxes due to space issues.

If you have any questions about the collections or for more information, please call us at 905-356-8080 or visit us in person and one of our staff members will be happy to assist. We hope that you and your children enjoy these fun new collections.

Laura Chadwick is the information resources and connections librarian for Niagara Falls Public Library.

Library Notes


There’s no denying that so far it has been one scorcher of a summer. Every day seems hotter than the last and that humidity is enough to make a stone sweat!

Luckily for you, each branch of the Niagara Falls Public Library comes equipped with air conditioning and a number of fabulous cookbooks you can borrow to whip up some wonderful frozen desserts that will help you chill out.


As we enjoy the summer weather, thoughts of cooling off may sometimes cross our minds. Some of us may have fond memories of a few local swimming spots that were once used to beat the summer heat. For more than 35 years, thousands of children and adults made the Cyanamid swimming pool their summer destination of choice.


At the Library, we truly appreciate the outpouring of support for the Interlibrary Loan Service (ILLO) at the Niagara Falls Public Library (NFPL) after the elimination of the ILLO Delivery Service.  We understand the meaningful impact the service has had on many of our customers. As we know how things change in the world, so it does in the Library world.


Summer has arrived, and the Niagara Falls Public Library is busy with something for everyone! Be sure to pick up our Summer Library Magazine to learn about all the exciting programs and events happening this summer.  


June is Pride month and Indigenous month. These topics can be difficult to tackle with children. However, they are also empowering and necessary issues for young minds.

Here at the Niagara Falls Public Library, we have a number of incredible books aimed at younger children that will teach them all about a variety of LGBTQ+ issues and about national Indigenous issues.


School’s almost out, which means summer reading is almost here.  The Niagara Falls Public Library is once again very excited to participate in the TD Summer Reading Club, Canada’s biggest bilingual summer reading program.  Kids of all ages, interests and abilities can read books, earn prizes and have fun, keeping their reading skills sharp so they’ll be ready when September rolls around.


Throughout the years, Niagara Falls has certainly seen more than its fair share of Royal visitors. On June 7th of this week, it is the 80th anniversary of one such visit. It also was the first visit ever by a reigning British monarch to Canada.


When you work in a library, you use library jargon. However, sometimes you forget not all customers know what the “catalogue” is used for. Most recently, with the news about the elimination of the Southern Ontario Library Service’s Interlibrary Loan 

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