Technology Instruction

Who can attend? Classes are for learners of all ages. Class size is limited to 10 and each participant will have their own workstation. Individual sessions take place with one of our technology instructors.

Where are the classes? Group classes occur at the Victoria Avenue Library in our fully equipped media lab, and at Stamford Centre Library. One-to-one sessions have availability at all locations.

What is the cost and how do I register? Free. Registration required. For more information, call 905-356-8080, email, or check the calendar below.




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Computer Basics Series

PC1 through PC4 are a series of beginner courses which are meant to be taken in order. This is not mandatory, and each class must be booked individually. Consult with a staff member if you are unsure about your needs. These classes run for 2 hours. Click here to view the complete calendar of scheduled dates.

PC1 Basic Computer Use



For those with little or no experience. Through hands-on instruction, you will become acquainted with the basic physical components of a computer, input and controls, and the Windows operating system and filing structure.


PC2 Internet & Web Essentials



For those with little or no web experience, but a basic understanding of computers and Windows. You will be introduced to the Web, its structure, and how to navigate it using common browsers,their tools, and search engines like Google. Internet security practices including how to avoid malware, pop-ups, and viruses will be covered, along with how to take control of your online presence.


PC3 Intermediate Computer Skills & Safety



Requires a basic understanding of computers and the Windows environment. Gain further understanding into the file storage system, the control panel, safety settings and basic personalization. Learn various tips and tricks such as tiling windows, creating shortcuts, customizing your desktop, copying files to and from a cloud drive, and general computer safety best practices..


PC4 Text, Typing and Word Processing



Requires a basic understanding of computers and the Windows environment. You will learn to use the basic tools available for modifying text on any digital device, including word processing, and typical workplace tasks, *(formatting text and paragraphs, cutting and pasting, and saving documents).


Specialty Classes

Advanced Word Processing



For those with a good understanding of computers and Windows, and some experience with typing and productivity tools. Rethink skills including selecting, cutting and pasting, formatting and modifying text, paragraphs, and documents. Learn how to create and edit tables, numbered lists, tables of contents, citations, images, shapes, frames, borders, clipart, and more.

Introduction to Email



Requires a basic understanding of computers and the web. You will learn ; to compose, send, forward, and delete messages, attach and download files, create and manage folders, labels, and the contacts list, and understand email terminology, etiquette, and conventions.

Getting started with Spreadsheets & Excel



For those with a basic understanding of Windows and some knowledge of Microsoft Office. Learn how to perform common tasks associated with spreadsheets and become familiar with Excel and its wide array of features (sorting, functions, equations, graphs, etc.). 

Introduction to Facebook



Learn to set up a Facebook account and gain understanding in basic account settings, uploading media, liking, commenting, chatting, groups and pages, and other essential features. Account security and privacy will also be clarified. Requires and active email account.

Introduction to iPads and Other Tablets



Just got a new iPad, Android or Windows device? Looking for basic tablet instruction? Want to learn about some useful apps and features? This hands-on class is designed for those with little or no experience, or those with some experience who wish to be caught up with current trends. The session will be a generic overview and is not specific to any brand or operating system - all are welcome. The Library can provide an iPad for individual use, but ideally attendees bring in their own.
All ages.

Tech Time



One-to-one sessions for assistance with portable devices or general technology use issues.

  • Come in with anything that you are getting started with or trying to learn more about. There is no set curriculum—attendees should arrive with questions to be answered or problems to be solved.
  • Detailed set-up walkthroughs for eReading (books and magazines) and digital library services can also be provided.
  • Hardware should be ready to use before the program. Please be familiar with powering on your device and any required passwords.
  • The NFPL does not make changes to your property, and as such does not perform virus removal, disk restoration, etc., or any hardware repair services.
  • Sessions are for education or consultation and run for 55 minutes.

*If you are looking for the program formerly known as “eReading & Digital Library Discovery,” you are in the right place—all one-to-one sessions now take place in Tech Time slots.