Special Services


A scanner is available at the Victoria Avenue Library for public use. Scans can be saved to a USB flash drive, emailed, or printed. Printing costs $.20 per page for black and white scans or $1.00 per page for colour scans.

Laminating Service

The Niagara Falls Public Library offers a laminating service for the public. Charges are determined by the foot with a rate of $1.00 per foot.

Lamination will be completed as staff time permits.

The Library will not be responsible or liable for any imperfections or damage that may occur during the lamination process. The work is undertaken at the owner’s risk.

Microfilm Scanning

The Library can scan old newspaper articles from microfilm. Due to the large volume of requests received and the staff time involved with scanning, a charging schedule for scans of microfilm is in place. Payment in advance is required. There is no charge for scanning for customers with a valid Niagara Falls Public Library card.

  • Basic service charge: $10
  • Each scan: $1
  • HST of 13% will be added to each scan
  • If paying by PayPal, a $1.50 service fee is added
  • If burning to a CD is requested, a $2.50 charge is added 

Large Artwork Scanning

Artists can have their large artwork scanned at the Victoria Avenue Library.The artists will get a scan of their artwork. The scanned image will appear in our Historic Niagara Digital Collections Art Database. 

Scanning is achieved using a Canon Powershot S5is 8.0MP.

Due to the limited resource of this service, there are a few restrictions for Artists:

  • One appointment per month.
  • 5 pieces maximum per appointment.
  • Pieces must be left with staff to be scanned.
  • Scanning may take up to 5 days to complete.

DVD with scanned images will be provided at no charge.

To book an appointment, call the Niagara Falls Public Library at (905) 356-8080 ext. 242.

Please read & complete the scanning agreement below before your appointment.

Scanning Agreement