Suggestion for Purchase

Niagara Falls Public Library welcomes suggestions for additions to the collection.

You may make up to 5 suggestions for purchase per month. 

Please note that we do not purchase every title suggested and, due to the volume of suggestions received, we do not place a hold for you or contact you to inform you of our decision. If we choose to buy the title it will appear in the catalogue for you to place a hold.

    Please suggest:

  • Materials we missed buying.
  • Recent books you would like to read or recent films you would like to watch.

    Please do not suggest:

  • Items listed in the NFPL’s Catalogue. Please check the Library Catalogue before submitting your request.
  • Very popular and best-selling authors or DVD feature films that are not in stores yet.
  • Anything over 2 years old (unless it is significant Local History material, a classic or part of a series that we own). Older than 2 years is defined as current year minus 2. For example, during the current year (2017), please limit suggestion to material created between Jan 2015 and the date of your request (today’s date). 
  • Items that are not yet published or released - they will not be considered.

    Please also:

  • Only submit a suggestion once.
  • Make requests for eBooks and downloadable audiobooks on their respective sites. eBook and downloadable versions of titles may be available for loan through the Library. Please check our Cloud Library for titles in those formats. Suggestions for purchase may be made on that site.

Decisions about the collection reflect NFPL’s Collection Development Policy.


New requests will be suspended until 2022 due to budgetary constraints.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.