The Rosberg Gallery is located at the Victoria Avenue Branch of the Niagara Falls Public Library. Dedicated to the memory of Harold David Rosberg and Joseph Lyon Rosberg, businessmen from the City of Niagara Falls. The gallery features a monthly exhibition of visual art from the Niagara Region, as well as, special traveling exhibits. If you are interested in having your work displayed in the Gallery please read the following links for further information.


Virtual Gallery Exhibit



  • Russell Baird
  • Neelam Bector
  • Dave Einhorn
  • Randi Evans
  • Jasmine Gates
  • Grantley Gibbons
  • Keith Inman
  • Denis Junkin
  • Kimberley Laufman
  • Gita Dubay-Naipaul
  • Lesley Taylor


  • Noella Audit
  • Peter Crabtree
  • Nancy Haskell
  • Tracey Junkin
  • Mike Livesey
  • Janice Low
  • Helen Michlik
  • Jared Robinson
  • Roma Rojik
  • David Rose
  • Adrianna Wildman