About the Local History Collection

The Library owns an ever-growing historical and genealogical collection of the City, the Niagara River and Falls, and the Niagara Peninsula. The wide variety of rare material in these collections - including guidebooks, atlases, local histories, magazines, maps, photographs, art reproductions, newspapers, clippings, government reports and City Council minutes - are used extensively by staff and the public. 

These materials can be viewed at the Victoria Avenue library. Due to the rarity and nature of these materials they are not available for loan and cannot be borrowed through the InterLibrary Loan system.


Newspapers are a good source for genealogists, as they contain social columns, advertisements, obituaries, and other information of interest. The Niagara Falls Public Library owns the following newspaper microfilms and has an online index available to many of them. Although this is just an index you are welcome to email us with your requests and we can provide you with a copy for personal use. 


Carriers of the Evening Review, 1925.


Review, Daily Record, Evening Review and the Niagara Falls Review

Births, deaths & marriages

Jan 1908 - Dec 1912 Indexed
Jan 1913 - Dec 1913 Not indexed See Note*
Jan 1914 - Dec 1945 Indexed
Jan 1946 - Dec 1946 In process
Jan 1947 - Dec 1962 Indexed
Jan 1963 - Dec 1966 Not indexed
Jan 1967 - Dec 1971 Indexed
Jan 1972 - Dec 1983 Not indexed
Jan 1984 - present Indexed

News Articles

Jan 1908 - Dec 1912 Indexed
Jan 1913 - Dec 1913 Not indexed See Note*
Jan 1914 - Dec 1915 Indexed
Jan 1916 - Dec 1923 Not indexed
Jan 1924 - Dec 1956 Indexed
Jan 1957 - Dec 1960 Not indexed
Jan 1960 - Dec 1971 Indexed
Jan 1972 - Dec 1985 Not indexed
Jan 1986 - present Indexed

* Note: As far as the library can determine, no microfilm or hardcopy exists for the Niagara Falls newspaper published in the year 1913.

Niagara Falls Chronicle

Dec 16, 1996 - Dec 4, 1998 Indexed


Historic Niagara Digital Collections Newspaper Index


LHC Microfilm The Globe. (Toronto) 1866-1869

LHC Microfilm The Niagara Falls Evening Review. 1908-

LHC Microfilm The Niagara Papers. (Niagara-on-the-Lake and Queenston) 1799-1896. 14 reels.

Indexes are available for the following Niagara area papers: 

LHC 929.37133  NiaS
1816-1819 The Niagara Spectator

LHC 929.37133 Nia
1823-1835 The Niagara Gleener

LHC 929.3713 Far
1826-1830 The Farmer's Journal & Welland Canal Intelligencer

LHC 929.3713 Spi
1830 The Spirit of the Times

LHC 929.3713 Bri
1833-1834 The British Colonial Argus

LHC 929.37133 NiaR
1833-1842 The Niagara Reporter

LHC 929.3713 BriA
1834-1835 The British American Journal

LHC 929.3713 Nia
1843-1860 The Niagara Mail

LHC 929.37133 NiaC
1844-1848 The Niagara Chronicle
1849-1854 The Niagara Chronicle

LHC 929.37132 Ham
1859-1869 The Hamilton Evening Times. 19 volumes