British Home Children

From 1869 to 1948 various workhouses, sheltering homes, orphanages and child care organizations in Great Britain sent over 100,000 orphaned, abandoned, pauper children ages 1 to 18 to Canada and other Commonwealth countries They have come to be known as the British Home Children. It is estimated that 12%, over 4 million of the Canadian population, is a descendant of a Home Child. Research into these young immigrants can be difficult. We hope these sites recommended by our staff may assist in your search.

Barnardo's Family History Service - start to trace your family history by sending an enquiry form with details about your relative. A small fee is payable if documents are required

British Home Children - lists over 56,000 records. Plus information about requesting searches of an offline database containing more detailed records

Library & Archives Canada - members of the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa [] are locating and indexing the names of Home Children found in different records held by Library and Archives Canada

Olive Tree: Ontario Home Children - useful links to both Canadian and UK locations

British Home Child Group International - free research, database & newsletter