One of the most difficult searches can be looking for a birth parent, or looking for a child given up for adoption. Privacy laws that exist today can hamper one's search greatly. We have selected some sites that we hope will  assist you in your search.

The library has a subscription to Library edition but it must be used in a Niagara Falls Library location. There is no home access available.

Adoption Information in Ontario - if you were involved in an Ontario adoption, you can search for different types of adoption information

Alberta Adoption Records - provides reunion services and information to adult adoptees, adoptive parents and birth family. There are no fees for the registry services

ASK - affiliated with Parent Finders Canada. Provides search and reunion assistance and support for adoptees, first relatives, adoptive relatives, fostered individuals, foster relatives, and interested others within the Greater Toronto Area

British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency Adoptions - the Vital Statistics Agency has the legislative mandate to manage the Adoption Registry for British Columbia. This includes registering adoptions that occur in British Columbia and releasing adoption records to eligible individuals

Canadian Adoptees Registry - searchable database for Canadian adoptees only. Includes a searchable database

Mouvement Retrouvailles - site available in English also. Provides a for fee service reuniting adoptees and their birth parents