Holds Pick Up Available at All Library Locations Starting August 10th.

As a compliment to our digital collections, the Library is committed to offering access to our physical collections through a Holds Pick Up service that is safe for customers and Library staff.

Please do not use the Pick Up service if you are unwell or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

In addition to Curbside Pick Up at Victoria Avenue Library, a Take and Go Pick Up option will allow customers to walk up to the Library to pick up holds without an appointment during designated hours.

Customers will also be able to choose to pick up their holds at the Niagara Falls Farmers Market for the first time (Coming Soon)!   


Pick Up Options

  • Chippawa - Take and Go Pick Up will take place Wednesdays 4pm - 7pm and Saturdays 11am - 3pm.
  • Community Centre - Take and Go Pick Up will take place Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am - 4pm without an appointment.
    • All customers coming into the MacBain Community Centre will be required to complete the COVID-19 questionnaire screening process and must wear a mask.
  • Farmers' Market (Coming Soon!) - Take and Go Pick Up at the Niagara Falls Farmers Market will take place on Saturdays during Market hours.
  • Stamford - Take and Go Pick Up will take place Wednesdays 4pm - 7pm and Saturdays 11am - 3pm.
  • Victoria Avenue - Curbside Pick Up by appointment will continue on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am - 4pm.


The Details

  • A maximum of 10 items can be borrowed in one pick up appointment.
  • Most materials are available to borrow, with the following exceptions: Board Games, Nature Kits, Book Club Kits, Magazines and Story Walks. 
  • All materials will have a 3 week borrowing period.
  • Until August 31, 2020, there will be no fines charged on overdue items.
  • All materials must be returned through the return boxes at each Library.


How it Works

1. Request your items:

  • Use our catalogue and place holds on the items you want.
  • Call the Library at 905-356-8080 and staff can assist you with placing holds.
  • Email us at AskUs@nflibrary.ca with your request and include your full name and library card barcode.
  • Don’t know what you want? We can help you with that! Give us an idea of what you’re looking for and we can make some selections for you.
    • Use our  "Grab Bag" form and help us get started. You can also call the Library at 905-356-8080 and we’ll help you with making selections.

2. After you receive notification that your items are available:

  • Victoria Avenue Library Book an appointment for contactless Curbside Pickup
  • Chippawa, Community Centre and Stamford -  You can pick up during designated Pick Up hours. Be sure to bring your Library card!

3. Visit us for contactless pick up:

   Arrive in your assigned Pick Up Spot, pop your trunk and staff will drop in your items.

4. Return your items when finished:

   All returns must be put in the Library’s Return Box.



Q: What safety precautions is the Library taking with the materials I’m borrowing?
A: When library materials are returned through return boxes, they are quarantined for 96 hours. After the quarantine period, items are individually cleaned with a medical-grade disinfectant before they are reshelved. When your selections are gathered by staff, they are handled by staff wearing gloves and are cleaned with disinfectant prior to being packed for pick-up.

Q: Why was the decision made to quarantine items for 96 hours?
A: Niagara Region Public Health and the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health have made the recommendation that items are quarantined for 96 hours.

Q: Why am I limited to borrowing only 10 items in one pickup?
A: In order to observe physical distancing, limited Library staff is working to handle your requests. We anticipate great demand for library materials. To allow for efficient workflow, and to be fair to all who want to borrow, we are limiting customers to 10 items in one pick up.

Q: If I put on more than 10 holds, how will my 10 items be selected for check out?
A: You will be given the first 10 items on your list of holds that have been received for you. We cannot accommodate individual requests to choose from the larger group of materials that have arrived for you. We will not lapse your holds before you’re able to get them.

Q: I have an appointment to pick up an item. Now I've discovered I have another item that's come in, do I need to make a second appointment?
A: Library staff will do their best to add any items that come in after you've made your appointment.

Q: What are you doing to protect the safety of customers and Library staff during the Pick Up?
A: Prior to packing your holds for pick up, staff will prepare your materials while wearing gloves and they will wipe the materials with a medical-grade disinfectant prior to packing them. 
Curbside Pick Up at Victoria Avenue Library is contactless, meaning you will not come into contact with a staff member. At the time of your appointment, you will park in your designated spot, open your trunk and wait in your car.  Library staff will be looking out for your arrival and will put your materials in your trunk. Staff will be required to wear a mask and gloves during the pick up procedure.
During Pick Up at our other Library locations, customers and staff will be expected to follow physical distancing measures. Staff will be required to wear a mask and gloves during pick up.

Q: Can I arrive for Curbside Pickup on foot or bike?
A: Yes, please stand in your designated spot by the sign. Remain in place and staff will place your items on the ground approximately 2 metres away from you.

Q: I miss browsing your collection. I often don’t know what I want until I see it. How can I get library materials?
A: Use our Grab Bag form and we’ll be able to get you a variety of materials. If you’re only looking for 2 books, please consider requesting up to the maximum of 10 in case you’re already read some of the books we selected. You can also browse newer materials online. 

Q: Can I return the materials I’m borrowing during Curbside Pick Up or that I had out before the Library branches closed?
A: Yes, return boxes are open at all locations of the Niagara Falls Public Library. For safety reasons, all materials must be returned through the return boxes. Staff cannot take them when you pick up materials.
All items borrowed during Curbside Pick Up have an extended 3 week borrowing period. Until August 31, 2020, there will be no fines charged on overdue items. However, because this is a collection that all borrowers share, we ask you to keep in mind that others may have a hold on your item and may be looking forward to getting it.

Q: My account says I owe some fines. Do I have to pay those before I borrow?
A: All previous fines on customer accounts can be paid when the Library locations reopen.

Q: Why is the Library using plastic bags during Curbside Pick Up?
A: Plastic bags protect our items in inclement weather during the Pick Up process. We also have many library customers who will arrive for Pick Up on foot or on bicycle and plastic bags help them keep library materials safe and dry.