Seed to Seed Collection 2022 - coming in February! 

Seed to Seed offers vegetable and herb seeds to the Niagara Falls community free of charge. No library card is required.

You can choose up to 5 varieties of seeds. Once you’ve made your selection, fill out the online seed form and wait to receive a pick up email or phone call from us. Each packet of seeds comes with brief instructions about planting and care to help you get started.

As your plant reaches maturity at the end of its growing season, collect the seeds, dry them out, place them in a labelled envelope (tell us the common name, variety, and year), and return them to any NFPL location. This will help restock the Seed to Seed collection for the following season.

This Collection runs every year from the beginning of February to the end of September.

Step 1:   (Coming February 2022!) Limit 5 packs per person. Subject to availability. 

Step 2:   Please wait until you receive your ready for pick up email before going to the library to get your seeds.

Step 3:   When you arrive at the Library, please follow signage for contactless pick up.


 For more information about Seed to Seed and how to go about saving seeds, please check out our seedy Magazine:

Seed to Seed Magazine