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Reading Reviews in Beanstack

Hi again.  Greg here, your official Bad Book Challenge guy.

Last week we looked at writing reviews in Beanstack to share your thoughts on what you're reading.  This week, I'd like to look at the other half of the equation: reading reviews posted by other readers.  Not only will this give you an opportunity to get others' thoughts on books you've already read, but it'll also offer you a chance to see what people are saying about books you haven't read yet, giving you some ideas about what you might like to read.   

If you're using Beanstack in a web browser, login then click on Reviews in the top menu and Peer Written Reviews in the menu just below it.  There are three age categories in Beanstack: 0 - 12, 13 - 17 and 18+.  Keep in mind you'll only be able to see reviews written by other users in the same age category as you.  Some reviews are short and some are longer.  For longer ones, you'll have to click on Read more... to see beyond the first sentence or two.  Simple, right?

Reading reviews in Beanstack: the browser view

If you're using the mobile Beanstack app, hit the Discover button (the icon that looks like a compass) to the immediate right of the big blue button with the white plus sign in the middle bottom.  At the top, you'll see three main menu items: Challenges, Activities and Reviews.  Hit Reviews and below you'll see all available reviews in your age category.

Reading Beanstack reviews: the mobile experience

There you have it.  As with most things in Beanstack, it's that easy.  So after you write your review, go check out what others have written.  Also, be sure to check back since users post new ones regularly.  See you next week!  

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