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Kids SRC Week 3 - Hump Day!

Firstly, a quick reminder for everyone about this week’s prize--get those activities completed in Beanstack! Check out this Kitchen Science kit:

kids kitchen science kit


This week’s theme is Canada, and we have several exciting activities related to that. You can visit Beanstack to see them all.

Here is a printable Maple leaf for creative colouring.

Reading a book by any one of these Canadian authors will also earn you a badge (in the Kids SRC):

  • Kallie George
  • Cary Fagan
  • Wendy McLeod MacKnight
  • Zachary Hyman
  • Jean Little
  • Eric Walters
  • Gordon Korman
  • Phoebe Gilman
  • Marie-Louise Gay
  • Kenneth Oppel
  • Kathy Stinson

Look them up:

And, last but not least, if you have bumped into any of us at one of your local parks or pools, you may have seen the printout for bear bark-rubbing



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