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Bad Book? You Be the Judge!

Hey there, Challengers.  Greg here, your official NFPL Bad Book Challenge guy.

Now that we're a few weeks in, I wanted to revisit the question: what makes a book bad?  Isn't it highly subjective?  After all, one person's bad could be another person's brilliant.  The purpose of the Bad Book Challenge is to have some fun, in a lighthearted way, with a selection of books that could be considered corny, cheesy, silly—in a word, bad.  But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them.  And it doesn't mean you have to agree with us.  Maybe Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter thrilled you.  Maybe Vampire Diaries: The Awakening brought you to tears.  Maybe Vampire Academy is the best thing you've ever read.  

Everybody's experience is different.  That's why we encourage you to share your experience of what you read this summer by writing reviews.  Luckily, Beanstack makes it pretty easy.  If you're using Beanstack in a web browser, simply login to your dashboard and click the Add a Review button at the top, then select Write a Review from the drop-down menu.  This will take you to the Write a Review form.  Enter your book's title, share your thoughts about the book, hit save, and you're done!

Beanstack reader dashboard -- write a review

If you're using the mobile version of Beanstack, it's a little different but just as easy.  Open the Beanstack Tracker app and, on the Home screen, hit the round blue button with a plus sign in the middle.

Beanstack Tracker -- Home screen

The app will ask, "What do you want to log?"  Hit Review.

What do you want to log?

Enter your book's title in the search field.  Select it from the list below then confirm your selection by hitting Save on the Confirm Title screen.  

Select a Title

Hit the Write Review button at the bottom of the following screen.  This will take you to the review form, where you can share your thoughts on the book.  When you're done, hit Post.

Done!  Now others on Beanstack can see what you think about the book.  Once you've shared your thoughts, check out what others are thinking by reading their reviews.

Questions?  Comments?  Reach me at

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