What Is A Library?

According to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, a library is a collection of books, periodicals, recordings, electronic reference materials, etc for use by the public or members of a group. There are four more definitions if one is interested in reading them. While the library of this definition is a far cry from those of  previous centuries, I would say that it does not accurately reflect what libraries are in 2020.

Today’s library is not the library of my youth, and while I can be quite sentimental at times about the ‘good old days’, I would like to give a shout out for the libraries of today. My Library is a vibrant space. While I still see shelves of books, I also see many forms of accessible materials that enhance how I take in information. I can glean content from several digital platforms such as CloudLibrary and Hoopla and be entertained with movies using Kanopy. The daily newspaper is still available at my local library but if I want to read newspapers from around the world or from my hometown, I’ve got Pressreader, the digital newspaper app to satisfy my thirst for news. I have options!

Today’s library is innovative and that’s exactly what my Library has named its creative space - the Innovation Hub. Library customers can be creative in the moment with music recording and video creation or they can bring in their old media and use the memory lab area to transfer old media to new digital forms. For those feeling crafty, there’s a button maker, a sewing machine and a Cricut cutter. 3D printers - we’ve got them! Trying new things has never been easier and it’s free!

Today’s library is engaged with the community. Instructional programs to keep you up to date on the latest technology and computers and scanners to keep you up on the world today. Kids can take part in making their own mini-golf course or even learn some ballet. The Library’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design, Mathematics) sparks creativity and strengthens kids’ critical thinking skills. 

My Library today is an engaging, community space for myself and for everyone. It allows me to experience new things in an open, relaxed atmosphere and for little to no cost. It gives me a sense of belonging to something that is bigger than myself and the knowledge  that I can achieve things that I never thought possible. Why not let today’s Library inspire you and bring you into a sense of community and hope for the future.

For all programs, resources and events, contact us Niagara Falls Public Library by phone at 905-356-8080, email askus@nflibrary.ca or visit our website at my.nflibrary.ca. Looking forward to seeing you at the library of today!

Written by Carrie Bosco, the Customer Service Librarian.

Library Notes


The holidays are over and spring is just around the corner so it sounds like a good time to purge, as they say, all that is unnecessary and start fresh. This may be easier said than done. For some of us, it means clearing out all that we had collected in 2020 and packing it up for donation or worse yet, the landfill!


It’s only the end of January, but admit it: we can already sense that warmer weather is on its way. And with that comes the desire to get out of the cities and explore the great outdoors.


The Niagara Falls Public Library is pleased to continue to offer live virtual programming! 


December is just around the corner and you do not want to miss our exciting virtual programs! 

Bookgartners is back! Register for our three week session running Tuesdays and participate in activities and games based on the works of well loved children’s authors. 


Three scenarios - does one fit you?

Picture this, you’ve worked hard on this assignment for school and poured all of your energies into getting it all written up. You admire your work, the charts, graphs and beautiful pics you’ve added. You hit the print button on your computer and the flashing printer window appears -- out of ink!


Have you heard the news? 

The Library is open!


While the world has been busy working through how to deal with the coronavirus, the Library has been working hard on how to provide services and more recently, how to re-open safely.


On June 8, the Niagara Falls Public Library began Curbside Pick Up at the Victoria Avenue Library location. As a compliment to the digital collection, the Library is offering access to its physical collections through a Pick Up service that is safe for customers and Library staff.

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