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12 hours 40 minutes ago
poetry and paintings
12 hours 40 minutes ago
Worldscapes Fine Art Photography by Serge Chriqui Artist’s Statement: The notion that photography captures a single, specific moment in time – no matter how fleeting – has always held great appeal for me. The endeavour requires observing my surroundings, wherever I may be, while ‘chasing the light fantastic’. That endeavour, for me, is an intuitive one: from the gut, as it were… Never knowing what I will find, I let the scenes reveal themselves one at a time, as photographic opportunities so often do… I travel to photograph! Discovering new places and surroundings add fuel to a burning passion for photographing the world around me. In the end, my photography strives to be art – always attempting to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! It won’t usually be mistaken for documentary, commercial or other types of photography – it aims to be an artistic glimpse at the world through my lens.
12 hours 40 minutes ago
Join us for a half hour of singing, playing and reading at our drop-in storytime. No registration required.