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If you haven’t been in to the Victoria Avenue Library lately, you should drop in. It’s a lot brighter and the space is open and welcoming. Over the last year, this Library location has been very thoughtfully creating new spaces that are more welcoming, accessible and creative. In a 2016 blogpost by the creators of Princh.com, they suggest, in an article of the same name, that there are 4 important spaces that every modern library should have. A social space for interaction and knowledge exchange, a quiet space for contemplation, a makerspace for innovation and a neutral and trusted space for public use. Social space has been the norm in public libraries for quite some time. Students collaboratively working on school projects or parents gathering to talk after children’s programming, there’s lively interaction (albeit a bit noisier now and then) that gives our customers opportunities to share ideas. In a very noisy world, a quiet space for contemplation still happens here! Adjusted seating in our adult areas near outside walls to take in the outdoors and removed from the hustle and bustle of phones and computers provides some needed quieter space. If you’re looking for some focus during your time of contemplation why not try the new seating in the Rosberg Gallery as there’s always fabulous local art that can carry your thoughts away. Makerspace - we’ve got that covered! Our new Oakes Room Media Lab is up and running and sporting some fine pieces including new 27” iMacs, green screen, digital piano, 3D printers, audio recording and editing software and video recording and editing software to name a few. Why not try something creative soon. Finally, your Library indeed provides trusted and neutral spaces for its customers. An environment that allows everyone, no matter what their background, a place to work, play, study and refresh where there is safety and no judgment is what your Library always endeavors to provide its customers.

In an effort to provide more consistency for all our customers, we are adjusting the opening hours of three of our Library locations. Effective Monday, April 30th Victoria, Community Centre and Stamford Library locations will open at 9 a.m. Closing hours will have some minor adjustments in keeping with our goal to provide the most hours open to best serve our customers.

Chippawa Library hours will remain the same at this time. Don’t forget that we provide 24/7 resources and service through our website at my.nflibrary.ca. Our Gale Centre NovelBranch is open whenever the Gale Centre is so hockey enthusiasts, skaters and track walkers are welcome to visit the mobile branch and grab a great read before they head home.

March Break is happening at all the Libraries next week. On Tuesday, March 13th, The Ontario Planetarium is bringing its travelling planetarium show to the Victoria Avenue Library for 20 minutes shows at scheduled times during the day. The travelling planetarium is a science and space programming dome similar to traditional planetariums you might have seen at large-scale museums and science centres.  This is a unique opportunity to experience a planetarium show without having to leave Niagara Falls!  Registration is available on our website at my.nflibrary.ca.  Please be sure to register everyone attending - adults included - as capacity inside the dome is limited and we don’t want any little ones alone in the dome.

Space is limited so check out all our out-of-this-world programs for March Break by calling 906-356-8080 or by viewing our online calendar at my.nflibrary.ca to register for our free programs and drop by one of our four locations to register for our low-cost programs.



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Throughout history, the mighty Niagara has attracted many daredevils and thrill seekers with its immense power and might. In the early days of stunting, most of the activity was in the form of funambulism, more commonly known as tightrope walking. Today, I will focus instead on Captain Matthew Webb, who, at the time, was the most famous swimmer in the world.


As we begin to enjoy some hot, sunny weather, and the youth of the city enjoy their first full week of summer holidays, we might begin to ponder potential family vacations.


Niagara Falls Public Library is hosting "Let's Talk About Reconciliation": A film screening and dialogue to bring Indigenous and non-indigenous people together in a spirit of openness and mutual discovery, and to inform and educate the general public about the realities and aspirations of Indigenous people.


In a fairly recent CNBC web post, reporter Marguerite Ward lists the 7 habits of highly successful people.


Watch Something New on Kanopy



In 2018, it is not out of the ordinary to spot various flying machines over both the Niagara River and the falls. Various aircraft and helicopters offer flying tours to both residents and visitors alike.

This was certainly not the case in 1911, when the age of flight arrived in Niagara Falls with "The Master Birdman" and his Curtiss biplane.


This June, there are exciting things for customers of all ages at your Niagara Falls Public Library!  


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