Staff Picks

Niagara Falls Public Library is pleased to introduce our Staff Picks Team. Made up of 7 library staff members, each person on the team specialises in their own genre. These genres include Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy, Literary, Graphic Novels, Juvenile, and Teen.
While you’re browsing our collection, keep your eyes peeled for the Staff Picks bookmarks. The team will place them in their favourite binge-worthy books across all four Niagara Falls Public Library locations. These bookmarks will introduce you to the Staff Picks members and their genre of choice. Scroll down to the Staff Pick bios below to learn more about each members' taste and to see whose reading interests match up with yours.
You can also follow the team on Instagram at @NFLibrary. Just search for the hashtag #nfplstaffpicks and you'll find more book recommendations, book love, and maybe some crazy book antics as well!


Chris avatar

Hi, I’m Chris and I’m a Customer Service Associate at our Community Centre Branch. The only thing in this world that I enjoy more than a good mystery are cringe-worthy puns and dad jokes.

I love a good murder mystery, and I especially love a good thriller because they have all the benefits of a murder mystery, but 110% more action and drama. My favourite books at the moment would be the Gretchen Lowell series by Chelsea Cain.  I love the main character’s relationship with his crime-fighting taskforce, his twisted relationship with the murderer he’s determined to hunt down, and his blossoming romance with the intrepid reporter looking for the big scoop about the titular villain.

Ruth Ware is another favourite of mine. Her books are almost impossible to put down; the twists and turns keep you guessing, and the suspense builds so quickly, which makes getting to the end and seeing the whole story come together that much more satisfying.



Stephanie avatar

Hi, I am Stephanie C. and I work as a customer service associate at the Community Centre Branch. When I am not driving my boys around Niagara to various hockey rinks, I can be found gardening, sewing or finding the perfect place to curl up with a good book.

I enjoy reading romance novels, especially contemporary novels with strong female leads. I am most interested in books that have lots of character development or interesting locales. When I discovered Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold series, I binge read the first 15 books in four months!

I love that there is a romance book for every one of my moods. If I am looking for drama and action, I turn to military romances, but if I want something sweet and romantic, a Christmas story is a great choice. Above all, Happily Ever After is a must!


Science Fiction and Fantasy

Becky avatar

Hi! My name is Becky and I am the Community Development and Programming Librarian here at the library. I get to create and implement all the wonderful programming the library puts on! Outside of work I love to stay active: I play baseball, I bowl, and I go hiking with my pup, Axel. To unwind from a crazy day I love to read in front of a fire and drink a cup of tea.

I’ll read everything and anything, but my go-to is Science Fiction and Fantasy. I love how Science Fiction and Fantasy allows me to reflect on the ways people interact with each other, with technology, and with our environment. The Harry Potter series will always be my favourite Fantasy books no matter how old I get. For Science Fiction my most recent favourite is Recursion by Blake Crouch. 



Laura avatar

Hi, my name is Laura and I manage the library’s collections. Basically, I spend a lot of time shopping for books on behalf of you guys, the customers! When I’m not at work I spend my time reading, kickboxing, and snuggling with Cobweb, my mischievous little black kitten.

I read literary fiction and non-fiction for the most part, but I’ll read any genre as long as the writing is good. From Austen to Atwood, Conrad to Coetzee, Swift to Sontag, my focus is always on an author’s ability to string a sentence together.

I’m sometimes called a literary snob, but I don’t really care because I know that the books I read are la crème de la crème. So if you’re a fan of Literature with a capital ‘L’, my picks are probably right for you!


Graphic Novel

Steph avatar

Hi, I’m Steph T. and I'm a customer service associate. I love all sorts of un-put-downable books, but two kindergartners, a full-time job, and a to-be-read pile that could put the CN Tower to shame mean that time and reading (and sanity) don't usually go hand-in-hand for me. Thankfully, comic books have come to my rescue. Picture this: a rich, entertaining, and gorgeously illustrated story that you can finish in one sitting. Hallelujah, right?

My picks include comics that I couldn’t put down, and that I didn’t have to because I was finished so darn fast. For me, these graphic novels represent the trifecta of great storytelling: the feels, the thinks, and my favourite, the ability to make me wonder about the world we all have to share. So to my fellow time-famined friends: I’ve got you covered!



Andrea avatar

Hi! I’m Andrea and I run several children's programs here at NFPL.  Connecting young readers to the perfect book is something that I am passionate about and find very rewarding.  When I don’t have my nose in a book, I love to snuggle with my dog, Echo, or spend some time painting my nails.  I also love fun and unique shoes.  

If you love funny rhyming picture books with bright and colourful illustrations, I have the book for you! Every age is the perfect age to enjoy a great picture book.  You might enjoy something from Mo Willems or Peter H. Reynolds. Why not give Karma Wilson or Bob Shea a try?  

Need something a bit more challenging? If you are on the lookout for a chapter book that you can’t put down, have I got the book for you!  Whether it’s a story that takes place in the past or a tale that involves challenges kids are facing today, I can help you find what you are looking for. Maybe Katherine Applegate or Eric Walters?  How about Sara Weeks or Chris Grabenstein?  

Take a chance on one of my suggestions, you might just stumble upon something you really enjoy!



Emma avatar

Hello! My name is Emma and I have worked at NFPL for 14 years having started off as a page in high school. When I'm not at work, I'm at dance rehearsal gearing up for my next Lindy Hop (swing dance) performance. To relax, I love cozying up at home with my adorable cat, Scotty, and a movie, or enjoying a good book and a london fog at a cafe.

I enjoy reading YA books, and keeping up to date with the latest reads. Have you read "Lovely War" by Julie Berry yet? Simply incredible! Some of my other favourite authors are Sarah Dessen, Angie Thomas, Jodi Lynn Anderson, and Nina LaCour. 

What I love about YA is that adults can enjoy these books too. They are complex, with rich character development and plot lines. They also tackle some very relevant issues in our society including mental health, prejudice and intolerance. So if you're ever looking for a good YA read, I'm your girl, and I'd be happy to assist you!